03 awd town and country

Very loud very violent thump while driving at all speeds. Becomes more often and not as loud while accelerating. Decelerating becomes loud and violent again. Tranny fluid is fine and doesn’t smell burnt. I haven’t owned the vehicle very long but my family enjoys it. Any thing will help thank you and keep up the good work.

I have an '02 T&C and really like it also. If the trouble is with the tranny then you should get it to a good shop and have it looked at ASAP to help prevent further damage. You might have a large repair bill in your future sorry to say. Be sure to use only the Chrysler tranny fluid.

Is it regular, like a machine gun? Is it more the frequency of the wheels or the engine? Any change putting trans in neutral and coasting?

Does this happen just once when you accelerate or decelerate? If so, check for broken motor mounts.

Impossible to say, but one idea, years ago I had a rear wheel drive car w/a similar symptom and it turned out to be a problematic differential third member.

This one will be tough to diagnose via an internet forum like this. You’re going to need a shop to take a look at this I expect.

allpar.com is a good site dedicated to Chrysler Corp. vehicles. You may find someone there familiar with your particular vehicle and this problem. I have found help there for my 1999 and 2007 Chrysler Corp. minivans. Best wishes.

If I’m not mistaken, this vehicle is rear wheel drive and this sounds like a u-joint about to fail.


Could be CV joint, U-joint. Is it coming from the front or back. This could help whittle it down to what it is.