High rpm when indling after replacing MAP sensor



2006 Saturn Ion, had MAP sensor replaced after car had been dieing repeatedly at random times. Now the rpm are high when idling and when the car is coasting. The mechanic who replaced the MAP sensor said that if the rpm do not go down to normal then something else would need to be replaced at a cost of over $1,000. Any comments as to the seriousness of this condition and if such an expensive repair seems reasonable?


I can’t imagine an Air Idle Control Valve could possibly cost $1000, but that’s the next thing I’d look at. Also look and listen for a vacuum leak of some sort. Grab hold of vacuum hoses under the hood and give them a shake with the engine running. If the idle changes, up or down, you just found your problem.

I’m sure curious what fast idle issue could possibly cost $1000 to fix. What did the shop offeer to replace for that many $$? Please share.


The person who replaced the MAP sensor without knowing if that was the true problems is not a mechanic. He’s a parts changer. Oh, I don’t doubt that the computer popped a P010x code. But that could be caused by something as simple as a nicked wire.

I would suggest taking it to a shop that specializes in diagnosis, not plug & pray.