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MAP Sensor

I have a 1994 dodge 1500 wa 5.2 what would a bad map sensor do?

The engine would sputter and it would be spitting a lot of black smoke out of the tailpipe. The MAP sensor tells the ECM what the vacuum in the intake manifold is. Combined with other sensors, it adjusts the amount of fuel to put into each cylinder. A bad MAP sensor usually means the ECM is getting low vacuum readings and thinks it needs to put too much fuel in the cylinders. Hence, the black smoke and sputtering.

Spitting and sputtering but no black smoke. It has new egr,fuel pump, gas cap,tps,cps,timing chain set,2 tune ups.

How about telling us a little more. How many miles on your ram 1500? Why are you asking the question? I suspect it is not just idle curiosity. It would help us if you told us what the real question is.

Is it by chance loosing power, but still driving? (Limp Mode)

Loss of power. Bad skip but not always. It’s real bad w/ac on or pulling my work trailer.

Is the check engine light on? If so, are there any codes set? An ignition system problem, such as a bad coil could cause random problems too.

No check engine light, it does show a code 37 which I can not find in the book and has a new coil.

codes see note 2, towing package.