Babbling brook

Unfortuneatly, I own a '99 Bravada. About 6 months after I bought this car I was driving with the radio off and heard what sounded like water falling over stones in a river bed. I took it back to the dealership for warranty. I was told that it was just low on coolant. About a year ago (While frequently checking coolant level)the noise started again. The shop replaced the head gaskets. They said there was a water leak going into the cylinders. About the middle of last week the noise came back. Shop says the head gaskets are good, and they have no idea where the coolant is going. This week I heard the noise, checked the coolant and no more could be added. Took it back to the shop and the shop has no explanation. I’m a retired government fleet mechanic and have never seen anything like this. What the hell is going on?

sounds like… slooooooshoooooooshch?

It sounds to me like there is air still trapped in the system someplace. Maybe try running the heat; and try elevating the front of the car to try to burp the cooling system.

Isn’t that a GM vehicle? Don’t they suck? Maybe you should just junk it and by a good car. :slight_smile:

It could be a conspiracy by those liberals to drive you nuts. I understand that Hillary is very good with a wrench.


Um, isn’t this the common case of water trapped in the A/C box because of a clogged drain? Rather than replace head gaskets, shouldn’t they have just poked the drain clear? Try another place, anywhere but the dealership.

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