Running Water

I can hear the water running in my dash board. It is from the engine. I am losing water too. I had a leak and put in “Bar’s stop leak” and it did stop the leak. (at least it isn’t visible.) Any ideas?

The slosh of water you hear is air bubbles working their way through the cooling system, specifically the heater core inside the dash.

If you’re still losing coolant (and I hope you actually have been adding a 50/50 antifreeze and water mix, and NOT just straight water), you’re either leaking it or burning it. A cooling pressure check may help locate a leak if there is one.

That sound means there is water in the system. As noted you need to add a coolant mix not water and you need to purge out the air that is not in there. This is more important than just the noise as it could cause overheating. There are tricks to getting the water out and it varies a little from car to car. You should be able to buy (or see one at your local library) a repair manual that will explain it for you or have it done by a shop.

Note: I hope you are talking about a beater car not a good car that you are using leak stop in. That stuff can cause problems were there were none before. It also may not be long life.

Of course there is water in the system. A coolant mix should be about 50% water. The sound you hear is in the heater core, the coolant is low and there is air in the system. Is this vehicle a GM that has used Descool? Dexcool is known to destroy gaskets in many GM vehicles.