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Cooling system problem

I have a '99 Bravada (Oldsmobile’s version of GMC Jimmy/Chevy Blazer)that has always had a problem with having a noisey cooling system. I have also had to have two sets of head gaskets replaced. After warm up you can hear the cooling system gargaling and making sounds that resemble a stream running over rocks - it will actually make you pee your pants it is so realistic. First assumption is that the coolant is low however, when you attempt to top off the radiator no more can be put in. A very reliable shop says that they can not figure it out. I am a fleet mechanic. We’re both baffled. Any suggestions?

They all do that.

Really! be more specific. Your’s does this also? No recalls? I know this gargaling problem has something to do with the head gasket failures. Large diesel engines have bleed vales to remove air pockets, but no bleed valves can be found on the block.

I could offer some advice, but after the exchange on light bulbs, I think not.

Thats OK it probably wouldn’t be worth a damn anyway.

That’s probably true. I could offer the general advice that it means there is air in the cooling system, probably the heater core area. That’s not much better than your dead wrong advice about the bulbs.

A trick I use on my 2000 Blazer is to drive it up on ramps so the radiator cap is at the highest point. I remove the radiator cap and leave the engine running. I watch the coolant level and top it off if needed as the engine warms up. This seems to get the air out the cooling systen, at least I’ve never noticed any gurgling noises on mine.

Ed B.