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Subaru Head Gasket...etc

The head gaskets on my Subaru were recently replaced (not by my regular guy, but by someone who was local to the problem). Now the car is making a woshing sound, about one per second when ideling, faster when I rev it. It also smells a bit like antifreeze in the car when the heat is on. I told them this, took it back, and they replaced the thermostat and told me that there may be an air pocket in the coolant. This was over a week ago and the wooshing and antifreeze smell are still there. Do I take it back again? complain? take it to my regular guy?

When the heater is on and you make sharp right or left turns, do you hear water (coolant) ‘sloshing’? If so, there’s still air in the system.

If the system is left to do it on its own, it will take time as the air will be ‘burped’ out via the coolant reservoir each time the engine coolant comes up to operating temp.

What year and mileage is this Subaru?

I don’t really hear much sloshing, but it’s winter so the windows are up. It’s a '96 with 167,000 miles.

Any hint on the coolant smell in the interior?

There are too many mechanics delivering cars with “air trapped in the system”. We all know this stuff can happen,some cars are worse than others. If I did headgaskets on a Subaru that car would not leave until I was certain it was correctly “burped”. We have so many complaints of this type,who wants a comeback over air in the system?