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Mazda axle seals

I have a '90 Mazda B2600i 4x4, and the left rear axle seal is leaking. I’m wondering if this is a job I can do myself, or if it’s something that’s easy to be done at a local repair shop. I added oil to the differential about two years ago, and there’s been a slow leak from the axle since then.


Yes, you can do it. But it’s messy. And I suggest you get a Haynes or Chiltons manual at a minimum before trying to start. Both should have step-by-step instructions with pictures.

To remove the axle, the differential must be drained of gear lube and the axle removed from the one side to get to the seal. Depending on the set-up, the axle is either retained by c-clips that must be removed from the center of the ‘pumpkin’ (the gear cage with the big ring gear in it), or they are retained by the bearing plate at the axle end behind the brake hardware.

For a local repair shop, it should cost no more than $200-$300 in my area (Atl, GA). And take a couple of hours.