Avoiding 2021 Model Year Cars?

With the current shortage of parts and labor for new cars, friends of mine have recommended avoiding new cars made this year.

What are you hearing, and will you avoid 2021 cars?


Only because of price, not content.

Are your friends in the auto industry? If not, what are they basing their advice on?

No, these friends are totally uneducated on the subject, which is why I brought the question here.

They’re basing their advice on all those myths about cars made on Mondays and Fridays.

Then they need to give advice on something they actually know.

All new cars can have parts supply problems until the after market suppliers catch up.


I bought a 2021 Hyundai in April. Have not noticed any fit and finish or electronics issues with it so far. It ended up costing me less than a used 2019 with 36K Miles on it, so weren’t going to pay more for an older car with 36K Miles on it.

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So, a new car is cheaper then a 2 yr old used model? Tell me why? Supply and demand? There is a demand for a used model that makes it worth more then a new model? Sounds like crazy math.
New car=$20 k
Used car =$22k? Why?

I’m not buying ANY car(s) this year

And probably not next year either

new OR used

not until the prices are “normal” again


That is what we were saying in 70’s about the gas prices and you know how that turned out.

Some of the manufacturers had a stockpile of the chips anyway. Other manufacturers followed the JIT model to an extreme. When you have a low cost (under a dollar) essential part, with a limited source, it is wise to maintain a higher inventory level. Some lessons are expensive.

I have a 2021 GMC Sierra and so happy so far. But I had to drive 400 miles to Indiana because Pennsylvania dealers refused to match the price for a same exact truck in Indiana. So PA dealers missed out on my money.

I proposed a theory here several years ago that car designers tend to produce cars with simple classic lines every 30 years. 1930’s, 60’s, 90’s, and the next year when cars would return to a nice appearance would be 2020.

Boy, was I wrong … lol …


Yep, gas prices plummeted.

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Frankly, cars being produced today have the same warranty as cars produced before the chip shortage. That’s what I rely on. If I needed a new car, i’d have no problem buying one tomorrow.

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I read somewhere that some of the chips were for cars and trucks with V8’s. it had something to do with letting them go from 8 cyl. to 4cyl. eco mode. the dealers were selling the vehicles without them and would put them in when they got them. not sure how true it is though.

GM’s doing this at least with the Silverado’s

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@Cavell ; newer used car pricing has always been whacky. In 2011 I wanted to buy a Honda CRV. Since Honda’s maintain their value well, the used 2019 was more expensive than the new one. Nowadays, that crazy pricing has expanded to the less desirable brands. I think those who think used cars are a good deal, might not cross shop the new ones.

@db4690 I wish I was in your position. My fleet of cars are all high mileage. Had sold an CUV right before the pandemic. Was happy renting one for once or twice a month, weekends, but then the price for a rental went from $100 to $400 and you wouldn’t even get an CUV. So I bit the bullet and bought my Tucson.

Then the kiddo decides to go to grad school out of state and couldn’t rely on her 11 yr old car to be trouble free there. Would also have to be smogged (had to keep CA registration due to insurance), so ended up buying a 2018 car for her.

Having said all this, I am not convinced the prices would come down much. I am from a country that used to see 40% inflation per yr. You pump enough money in the economy and this is what happens. The chip shortage is part of the problem, not all.

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Car dealers are paying less for used cars now, and that should show up in the sales price in around 4 to 6 months according to an article I read today.

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Are you suggesting paying several thousand above MSRP is going to be the new normal from now on?

In any case, all of our cars are in good mechanical shape and can soldier on for years to come

Of course, I could get t-boned tomorrow . . .

But we have a spare car, so we’d still manage

I truly think I can sit this craziness out for awhile