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Avg cost to replace 03HondaCRV Cat.Converter, O2sensors & Spark Plugs

Can anyone give me the average cost to replace the following items on a Honda CRV?

Catalytic converter, O2 sensors and spark plugs? My mechanic has quotes me $1380!!!

You might NOT need to replace the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensors. Seek a 2nd, and a 3rd, opinion.
Go to the top of this page and click on Search. In the Keywords space, type Catalytic Converter. You will find numerous posts dealing with this problem.

The price is about right. That’s the Achilles Heal of Honda. While they’re highly reliable, the cost of the refits can make you bleed.

The cat for your CRV can cost $900. It’s not like some domestic oriented car where they cranked out 200,000 units a year just so they could pay the bills associated with manufacturing. There’s a reason why Honda has such high resale value. They only made as many as they had to to keep demand high.

That useless information given, take the advice given above and get a second opinion. I’d automatically change out the upstream O2 sensor as a first move. The plugs and whatnot can be done too. A 4 cylinder Honda is a piece of cake for a plug change. I’m surprised that anyone can really charge much beyond parts. The 4 valve design tends to make plugs right on top and in the center of the head. A couple of bolts for some cover thing …maybe a coil pack to remove . Hardly anything requiring advanced skills.