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Catalytic converter

I have a 98 Honda Civix LX 4 door V4. I was told that my catalytic converter needs replaced along with the 02 sensors. From my local Honda dealer will cost me $1000+. A local certified mechanic said he could get me a good used one for less (didn’t discuss price yet) since I want to keep my Honda for another 4 years. Has just under $187K miles. Question: if I don’t replace the catalytic converter and o2 sensor will this ruin or destroy my engine? My brother said he heard of someone where their engine froze up. Thanks my any help!

The only way a converter will ruin an engine will be if the converter is seriously overheating for some reason. (excess fuel being dumped into the engine, clogged, etc)
Other than that a faulty converter or 02 will not freeze an engine up.

Many times converters and O2s are misdiagnosed so how sure are they this is actually the problem? Did they provide codes and if so, what are they?

O2 sensors are probably one of the biggest whipping boys on the face of the Earth. The finger is always pointed at them.

What’s wrong with yours?

Depends on how the catalyst failed. A catalyst with low efficiency probably won’t hurt your engine. A plugged/restricted catalyst will harm your engine, it won’t let the exhaust out, creating excessive backpressure, essentially not letting your engine exhale. That’s bad. Don’t drive the car until it’s fixed.

Your car is equipped with a one-piece exhaust manifold/catalytic converter assembly, hence the high price.

Don’t mess with a used catalyst. If your car is not equipped with a California emissions system, you can get a new aftermarket assembly, installed, for I’d say about $600.

I will have to check to see what codes they are talking. I will back to you. Thanks for the info.

It’s ILLEGAL for salvage yards to re-sell used catalytic converters…Question your mechanics source…Chop shop?

First, try new sensors and see if that cures the CEL problem…It’s the downstream sensor that’s throwing the code, replace it first …