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Automotive term

Bearing wash what is ment by this term

wash the bearings?

Do a search on “bearing wash oil pressure”. Bearing Wash seems to be related to high oil pressure. This thread has one of the better explanations.

Ed B.

Bearing Wash, Eh ? Employees At Airports Give A Bucket To Brand New Rookie Employees And Send Them To The Repair Shop / Hangar For A Bucket Full Of “Prop Wash”.

We had a kid go all the way there and back and we were laughing the whole time he was gone. You could see him waltzing along with that bucket. We had to hold it in when he got back. The mechanic across the airport told him to find out if we needed “winter weight” or “summer weight” Prop Wash. Doing a fairly good job of keeping a straight face, we sent him for the Summer Weight Prop Wash.

When he got back, he needed to find out if was for a Cessna or a Piper aircraft. This back and forth action went on for a while. By the time we let him in on the secret, he was sure we were wrong about “Prop Wash” when we told him that Prop Wash is . . .

. . . the rush of air that is moved by a turning propeller.

Got a bucket ?


We used to do something similar. We had the “Pilot Warning Horn” located on the bottom of some of the larger aircraft. It was a device that allowed a mechanic to alert the pilot in a running aircraft, that there was someone or a problem outside. All the mechanic had to do was blow into the “horn” on the botom of the plane and this would alert the pilot in the cockpit. We had our rookies perform an operational check on these.

This was, of course,not a horn but the exit for the pilot’s “relief” system. Devious, yet funny.

C Cooper, I’ve Heard That One, Too. That Is Funny.


This sounds like some of the tricks we played on rookies in the restaurant business. We would send someone to the kitchen to find a left-handed spatula, or send a trainee to the service bar to ask for a “snowball on the fly,” which only works if your bar has crushed ice.

Whitey, Should A Person Duck Immediately After Asking For A “Snowball On The Fly” ?

That’s pretty funny. Left-handed crescent or monkey wrenches are available, too, if you know where to ask.


A young Airman was sent into Job Control to get the ignition key to a C-130 that was parked on the ramp. It was the key to the door controls of the hangar where they had to tow a plane out. It’s funny when he sees the key used for a padlock.

Can you use it in a sentence?

Context is everything on obscure terminology…

Yes, mad dog, “more input”. ( 35 year parts man never heard it before )
Where did you hear it ? What issue was in topic at the time? Engine ? wheels ?
Does it have to do with how the oil gets distributed within the bearing during operation? End play maybe ?

Have you ever noticed that automotive terms are a little different in Great Britain as opposed to the US? Me and a friend were trying to rebuild his motorcycle engine one time and the repair manual was published in Great Britain. Instead of using the term “housing”, it was “house”.

Instead of saying, “Pry off the c-clip with a small screwdriver.”, it was “prise off the c-clip…” At one point it said, 'Using a nylon or similar hammer, give the piston top a “smart rap” I would have said, 'Give it a “light tap”. We got a kick out of that one! Anyway, it’s a shot in the dark, but could “bearing wash” be a British term for “bearing pre-load”? I mean, when you pre-load the bearing, you tighten the bearing nut against a washer, don’t you?

Karl, . . . And . . . A Convertible Top Is A “hood”, A Trunk Lid Is A “Boot”, A Hood Is A “Bonnet”, A Windshield Is A “Windscreen”, And A Wrench Is A “Spanner”. I’m “Not Taking You 'Round The Bend” , Either.

For all I know “Bearing Wash” could be motor oil.

Cheerio, CSA

Haha, I hear you, csa. I’m still in the dark, though. Where are you, mad dog?

If you thought that was funny, you should have seen the english translation of the assembly and user’s manuals for a brand new, crated 1975 Jawa CZ250 I bought. The Czechoslovakian translators certainly struggled with that one. I ditched that pretty fast and just went on common sense…

Twin Turbo, From That Same 1975 Era, I Remember The Instructions On My Chinese Fire Crackers: “Lay On Ground, Light Fuse, Retire Quickly.”

I always wondered why I’d want to sleep next to an explosion.


A zillion years ago when I worked in the pizza business, we would send someone to another store for a “dough patch kit”

Bearing wash is when too much oil pressure removes the wear surfaces of the bearing—like a raging flood eroding land or if you’ve ever used a pressure washer to clean something and got it near paint, you’ll understand the concept.

Sheesh, doesn’t anyone know how to use Google?

I spent a half hour googling this term. All I got was like, parts wahers, bearing “washers”–to clean bearings, etc. Then I found a “10,000 word automotive dictionary”–no soap! Looks like you had more persistence.