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I finally found it!


I am still looking for muffler bearings!


This is kinda funny-

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I’m still searching for a left-handed screwdriver.

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Elbow grease:

HOW does he do that without just cracking up?

At the airport where I worked we’d send new hires, with bucket in hand, across to the airplane shop to get a bucket of prop wash.

They’d always return with an empty bucket, but no end to questions for us wanting to find out if we needed winter weight or summer weight, blue or red, etcetera. Straight faced we’d answer and off they went with that bucket until returning for another cycle of questions, answers, and walking. All the guys in the shop knew how to handle anybody requesting prop wash. They never let on that prop wash is air blown by a propeller, creating wind.

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We would send them to get Relative Bearing Grease and a few yards of Flight Line. Batteries for the chem lights was also popular. They needed to fill out the requisition form Id10t to get them.