Do you clean your car engine bay from time to time?

Hello car experts and car fanatics.

I’m curious to know if you clean your car engine bay from time to time. I do :sunglasses:

I use car interior cleaner to spray on the plastic and rubber parts and simply wipe them down. I do this once a year.

Of course, there are some areas where it’s hard for me to clean but still I tried :grin:

Simple Green and a soft brush. A little ArmorAll on the rubber and plastics if you are OCD like I am with the Mustang.

Sometimes the quarter high pressure spray wash is needed… when you might be doing some serious work or looking for an oil leak.

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I don’t. I’m paranoid about getting water someplace where it shouldn’t be.

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I spray the car interior stuff on a piece of cloth and wipe the engine bay. I avoid spraying directly.

Underhood electrics are sealed. High pressure water spray is used to test that.

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I don’t even wash the outside of the cars, that is what thunderstorms are for… :crazy_face: :rofl:


I don’t ever wash the engine bay but when I wax and polish twice a year, I wipe down the engine and use meguires natural protectant on all the rubber and plastic surfaces. On the old cars I also used to hit it with clear. No need anymore.

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I used to wash my truck’s engine compartment w/a spray wand at the diy car wash. I’d place plastic covering over coil and distributor, but otherwise would spray away. Sometimes it would start up a little balky but quickly return to normal. After I purchased the Corolla and noticed all the electrical connectors in the engine compartment it occurred to me the spray wand approach might not be such a good idea, so I stopped doing it on the truck too. Never noticed any performance difference, clean vs dirty engine compartment. I do shop-vac all the accumulated debris from the engine compartment on every oil change on both truck and Corolla, and think that’s probably a good idea.

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I’ve got one of those wands that uses compressed air but then it siphons whatever out of a bottle. It allows a more concentrated spray but the bottle is a hassle so haven’t used it in years. I use gunk on the mower and the garden hose but I’ve gotten a little partial to brake clean now. A little expensive but cleans well and dries quickly.

Never, but I only wash my car every few years.

I do, but it doesn’t seem to need it very often. Ignore the labels, they web for something else.

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Darn. That’s glossy and beautiful !!!

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Can you share what product you use to make yours so shiny ?

Armor All products nothing fancy

Cool. I’d pay you to do mine like yours :sunglasses:

Nice whip too!

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Just for context, here is the rest of him topless at the beach.


I use quick detailer (Meguiar’s Qwik Detailer) sprayed on a microfiber cloth to wipe down everything that I can reach. It doesn’t specifically say that it can be used on plastic, but I haven’t seen any problems after ten years.


Sweet convertible. How’s the maintenance cost on that thing?

Before I bought the Lexus I wanted a bmw 340i but was concerned about upkeep.

So far not much, but I’ve only had it 2.5 yrs. It’s an '08 with a little over 45k on it. I know the previous owner (my brother), and really didn’t drive it hardly at all, and he kept up with the basics. I know it will turn into a money pit, but bought it knowing this.So far a couple oil changes, 2 tires, and a sensor for the top.

PVTPublics’s convertible … Now THAT’S LIVING! :wink: What a nice looking coupe.

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