Oil pump

1976 scout lots millage want to know if i put in a new oil pump will it wash out the bearings in the motor?

No, it won’t do anything…Oil pumps last forever. They are the best lubricated part of the engine…If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…What problem are you trying to fix?

“Wash out the bearings”?

Can you explain this concept to us, please?

I have a manecal gage with electrical sending unit, and after i run it for a while the gage goes to zero till i build back speed.I have not as yet ck it with a pressure gage, but the valves do not rattle when this happens, stoped or iddleing.leon

Oil pressure dropping at low speed and after warm up generally means worn out bearings.

If there is a sending unit it is an electrical d’arsenval movement gauge.

Install a mechanical gauge, make certain the oil is the proper grade and in the operating range and check the pressure at hot idle. If pressure is below 15psi there is a problem. That is likely 1/2 of a 390 v-8 qnd in normal street driving it is understressed and may stay in one piece for many more miles but it wouldn’t be wise to push it too hard or get far from home.

I was told if you put a new oil pump in a old motor that it would be to much oil pressure and thus wash out the crank and or rod bearings or both??? leon