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Automatic transmission

I have 94 explorer 4x4 that has been to the shop 4 time in 3 mouths cues its burning up the the clutches in it and they dont know way so they put a new rebuild in it and it has done it again in 3day. i have put a new radiator and trans cooler on it what could be up with it. Thanks

are you using the correct type of oil??? and when they changed the transmission did they use the same transfer case??? if the transfer case is engaged all the time that will burn your transmission gets to hot

How many miles on the transmission? Has the transmission oil been changed? How long ago?

It seems clear to me at this point that you need a new shop. Is this just a general automotive shop? Or a transmission specialty shop? I’d find your best local transmission shop.

yes hes said he using the right oil the mercon. hes put a different transfer case in it and i can tell cues i dont have the get up and go like i did. could i have a 1995 transmission in it and hes putting 94 parts in it…it was manufactured in 10/94. when i go to the parts store we have to look them up under 95 parts… yes he has been doing transmission 32 years and has A+ with the BBB since the 90’S… Thanks

Are you driving around with the 4 wheel drive engaged on dry pavement?


If the vehicle was manufactured in 10/94 then it is a 1995. I think it may be time to ask someone else to look at it. You’re not leaking any transmission fluid are you?

am not losing any fluid i checked that and that was not it. so if he put a 94 transmission in it is thats way i dont have the get up and go like did be for

I don’t know enough to say whether the '95 & '94 transmissions are any different. They might be exactly the same and completely interchangeable. If you wanted to double-check for yourself salvage yards are a good place to ask.

Going back to your original post, all you said is that its burning up clutches in it. Maybe you should start at the beginning: the truck was…so then the shop did X to the transmission…then the truck did…then the shop put a rebuilt in it…

In other words, you never really did describe exactly what has been going on so maybe people can give better suggestions if they know what is happening.

am not losing any fluid i checked that and that was not it. so if he put a 94 transmission in it is thats way i dont have the get up and go like did be for

You might clear some of the murk up. You state that it’s been in the shop 4 times in 3 months because it’s burning up clutches.

Does this mean the Ford has had 3 different transmsissions installed and it burnt them all?
Does it mean a used trans was installed originally?
Does it mean the trans was replaced (used or reman) and they kept dinking around with that one until throwing in the towel and replacing it with the last reman one?
Finally, is this a general repair shop or a transmission only shop? (You state 32 years doing transmissions but that statement can also be a bit murky.)

There’s not enough info known to make a guess as to why this is happening so a couple of wild guesses would be:
Defective reman transmission or defective used unit if that is the case.
Transmission electronic control issue.
Someone is not checking or adjusting the shift linkage properly.