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'98 Ford Explorer...time to let go?

Hi, I have a '98 Ford Explorer with 157,000 miles on it. The O/D light starting blinking recently, accompanied by transmission issues (lots of slipped gears, starting from 3rd gear). I had it towed to AAMCO. Transmission fluid level was fine but the fluid was pretty burnt. Two computer error messages were detected (torque something, and something else). $580 to pull the transmission and fully diagnose the problem (credited toward repair bill) and mechanic estimates a minimum of $1400 to repair. No other problems since this. Blue book value is ~$4K on a good day. Is this car worth repairing!?!?!

Personally, I’d be inclined to try to sell it “as-is” with an ad in the paper disclosing that it needs a tranny. You won’t get much, especially in the SUV-glutted current market, but I think the vehicle has paid for itself at this point.

The good news is that you can get a replacement for a song. Everyone’s unloading SUVs right now.

Or, you could seek a used tranny from a boneyard.

At 157k miles, slipping with burnt fluid, etc. why is there any need to pull the transmission and fully diagnose anything?
A transmission with that many miles and symptoms should not be getting a piecemeal repair. It should be a full rebuild.

I’d go with a used transmission from a salvage yard, eBay, Craigslist, etc. It’s worth fixing but also depends on the total that a used transmission/labor will set you back. Some salvage yards will even install and guarantee their parts so that’s something you could look into.

If the vehicle meets your needs and is otherwise in good condition, ask yourself this question: Will I be able to buy a comparable vehicle for the cot of the transmission work? Chances are, the answer is “no”.

Not there to diagnose this, but this is consistent with a bad valve body gasket. This was common with the 5R55E. Might try Ford dealer as they only charged about $800 to do it. Check Something you could do yourself if you were adventurous. The transmission does not need to be pulled.

OK- the codes are P0741 (Torque converter clutch mechanical system performance) and P0174 (system too lean)if it makes a difference. Thanks for all of the previous comments!!! Still on the fence…

say goodbye,and unload the LOAD.

super MONEY PIT(alot worse than a HOUSE.

it will haunt you from this point on.

good luck! just trying to push you off the fence.(especially if FORD built the said fence)LMAO!

Has the trans been serviced regularly, every 30K or shorter? Doe this have the 5R55E or 4r70W? I wish it hadn’t been AAMCO.

To put it simpler, is this a V6 or a V8. This will determine the transmission.

IMHO get pricing on a used tranny or rebuilt. Your vehicle worth is very poor at the moment no matter what a book says due to problem + SUV glut.

What is your budget for a replacement? If not a lot you may want to hang onto this. Its past the 8yr/150k mark where cars have very major issues. (many go further after this without serious repair).

Reman trans from Ford have very very good warranty coverage, but are costly. I would do that before AAMCO.