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Ford Ranger transmission shifting hard

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 4X4 XLT with a 5R55E automatic transmission.

Coming out of a stop the truck jolts at about 20 mph as it shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear. It feels like it revs too high in 2nd gear, up to about 2400 rpm, and then shifts hard into third. It feels like the truck gets a gentle hit from behind.

Earlier in the week, the O/D light flashed. I took it immediately to an independent tranny shop who pulled the code for me: P7033, incorrect ratio in 3rd gear.

They cleared the code for me. In limited city and highway driving (less than 15 miles each trip) the O/D light has not flashed again. But the problem remains. I plan to take it back to the shop later next week.

Any ideas on what might cause this so that I might have a more informed conversation with the tranny mechanic?

Thanks in advance,


These transmissions are known to have issues with the solenoids in the valve body. Have the shop probe those solenoids, and replace the valve body of they see any problems. Bad solenoids quickly fry the transmission, and require a rebuild.

@SierraFred congratulations on not taking your truck to one of those franchised transmission shops. They would have certainly tried to sell you the full rebuild, right off the bat!

I had this problem while my computer was malfunctioning. Also the windshield wipers, dome light and speedo stopped working at the same time. When the computer started working again the car started shifting smoothly and all the other things started working again.
My problem is intermittent, I haven’t replaced the computer yet.