Automatic seatbelt

I have an 89 Toyota Camry. yesterday, the automatic shoulder belt partially stopped working. when you got in, shut the door and turned the car on, it is supposed to come back against your shoulder. mine didn’t, but the manual said to reel it back manually. i did that and whenever i opened my door, it would open up as it is normally supposed to do. later that day, it started to fully work again. what is the cause of this?

I had this same problem with my 87 Camry. The problem was with the wiring between the door and the body.

If you look in the area of the door hinges you’ll find a rubber boot that runs between the door and the body. Inside this boot are all the wires for all the controls on the door. Over time, the wires inside this boot begin to break from the constant flexing they’re put under from opening and closing the door. The fix is to expose all those wires and solder any that are found to be near broken or completely broken.