1993 Subaru Lagecy front seat belt motor problems


My parents gave me their old 93 Subaru legacy. The front seat belt retractor motors aren’t working. I have applied voltage directly to the motors and they work. I’m guessing there must be some sort of controller as there are only two wires running to each seat belt motor. Where would the seat belt retraction motor controler be located?


I think there is a pressure switch in the seats but I’m not sure of that. Here is a link to a Subaru site that you can find out for sure.



[b]The most likely cause of the automatic shoulder harnesses not working is because of broken wires. I’ve seen this many times.

If you look in the hinge areas of the doors, you’ll see rubber boots that run between the door jambs and the doors. Inside these rubber boots is all the wiring for the doors. Including the wiring for the automatic shoulder harnesses.

Over time, and with the constant opening and closing of the doors, wires can begin to break inside these rubber boots. This can result in inoperative power windows, door locks, and shoulder harnesses.

Since your vehicle is over fourteen years old, that’s the first area I would check.