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'98 Camry Seatbelt Issue

One of the back seatbelts, a shoulder belt, in my '98 Camry has suddenly refused to retract.

Any thoughts/ideas/knowledge about this problem before I wind up paying a fortune at the dealership?

Did you buy this vehicle used or new??

The reason I’m asking is because Toyota offers a LIFETIME warranty on seatbelts.

We have been posting lately about very accomodating seat belt replacement policies from Toyota (they may give it to you for free) go ahead and give them a call.

Any twists in the belt (either rolled up or visible?)

Please,if you would,post back what the answer from Toyota was.

I bought it used, but I guess it sounds like it may be worth giving Toyota a call anyway.

Thanks, I’ll post an update.

Use your best “sales” technique,calling and saying “I am here for the free seat belts” isn’t good,tell them how happy you are with Toyota and so forth,possibly in conjunction with something simple,oil change and inspection (don’t get pulled in with the inspection results)