Autobody Repair Situation

2 years ago a guy ran a stop sign and t-boned my front driver-side door. I took to an autobody repair shop. After the repair, the power window usually worked, but once in a blue moon, it wouldn’t come up. With a good, hard slamming shut the door, it would come right back up. The infrequency was never bothersome enough to take it back to the shop.

However, Saturday night it happened again and now it refuses to come back up. I took off the inside paneling and took a peek inside. I reached down in the bottom of the door and pulled out about a 16 - 18" long curved piece of metal lined with a rubber gasket. I took the passenger side door apart to see if I could match this part and it is a guidance track for the window to travel up and down.

Now my question is this, is the power window failure a result of the body shop not putting the window back together correctly, which caused damage to the motor or something in the inside alignment or is this just coincidence?

Thanks for any insight - I can use an experienced opinion.

What did the body shop do? Did they just replace the door? If so they never even saw that part.

Frankly I doubt if you are going to have any way of recovering something from the body shop after two years.