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Auto windows close and then roll down 1/3 way

Saab 9.3 has windows that automatically opens/closes. When closing the window gets to the top and rolls down 1/3 the way.

Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions?

Does your saab have one touch up windows? It sounds like the pinch protection is not working properly. It is designed to roll the window down if a restriction like a finger is in the way of the window. It may be a simple reset problem, many cars need to be reset after the battery is replaced or it could be a problem with the window regulator. The reset procedure varies from car to car, however you can usually follow this method. Using the switch at the window, not the master switch, allow the window to go the way up with your finger on the switch. Continue to hold the switch down for a few seconds. Do the same of the way down.

I’ll give this a try. They are one-touch windows…so this may just work. I’ll let you know.

Can you pull the window up by hand? If so, the window regulator needs to be replaced.