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2002 Saab 9-3 Rear Power Window

We have a 2002 Saab 9-3. The rear power window won’t stay up. When we push the button for it, the motor seems to be working fine but it does nothing to the window. When we looked inside its door to figure out what the problem could be, we found the part shown in the image below to be broken.

  1. What is this part called? Where can we find it? How much would it cost?

    2.Would replacing this part solve the window problem or is there any other part that could possibly not be functioning, thus causing the window to not go up?

We would appreciate help with this. Thank you.

Thats obvious you need to replace this broken part.I think its part of the window regulator.|GT+.01|shipping2|GT+0&Nr=AND(universal%3A0)&Ntk=Main&Ntx=mode+matchallany&Nty=1&PN=0+9330&VN=4294953002+4294965533+4294954372+4294962879+4294965981&universal=0&Nf=price6|GT%20.01|shipping2|GT+0


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Not sure where @COROLLAGUY1 got the picture but I’d start at RockAuto, check out Pelican Parts and eEuroparts. Additionally google Saab Parts and you will get the parts subsidiary for the defunct Saab division that still has Saab factory parts. Or how about Amazon??

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If this Dorman window regulator has two price levels, get the higher one. The lower priced regulator isn’t always a correct fit and you have to fiddle with it to install it over all the bolts.


Thank you all for replying so promptly.

  1. Does the entire window regulator need to be replaced or would it suffice to just fix that specific broken part?

  2. Amazon has a plastic repair set.

  3. Any idea what the labor cost would be to fix the window regulator for both cases below?

  • replacing the entire window regulator
  • replacing just the broken plastic part.

No amount of glue will fix this broken part.I am afraid you need to change the window regulator.

I would replace the entire regulator but the part you have displayed may work. If you were a DIYer I’d say give it a try. Since you asked how much to fix it, the labor to fix just the slider is likely more than replacing the whole regulator since the regulator must come out to use that repair part. Use that extra labor to buy the entire regulator.

Considering the car is 16 years old, out of production from a car company that no longer exists, replace the whole thing. It would not be fun to spend the money a second time if the window motor failed, would it?

I would, and did, replace the regulator and motor at the same time. You can buy the full assembly. It makes sense because the motor is also an old part.

there is no glue in that kit that I can see, it just replaces the broken part.

Correct! I will click on the link next time. lol