Auto transmission flush



Do any of the techs out there claim they can tell if a vehicle needs a autotrans flush just by driving the vehicle? Can anyone claim a autotrans operational concern was cured by a flush? I think this flush bussiness is just marketing


No, not marketing. Think scam. ADP = additional dealer profit. Boat payment is due.

Routine service consists of dropping the pan and servicing the filter, if there is one. Do this every 30,000 miles or so and there is no reason to ever get a transmission flush.

It is possible that some cars have been neglected too long. If the fluid is extremely dirty or smells burnt, then a flush may be in order. If there really is an operational concern, then a flush is unlikely to cure anything. Use it as a last resort for a transmission that seems to be dying.


The only thing I can add to Steve’s good answer is that often those “last resort” attempts often fail and then the last resort gets blamed when it was going to fail no matter what was done, it was just too late.