Auto shut down relay

I need to know if anyone can identify the relays for me that are under the hood next to the battery. My manual doesn’t identify them.

Knowing the make, model, and year of the vehicle in question would certainly go a long way towards us helping you.

Oh my gosh. It’s a 1989 Plymouth voyager.

In case you haven’t already found your answer. I don’t know for certain if this appplices to your van but I have the service manual for a 1990 Dodge Spirit that also shows 3 relays on the fender near the battery. The one closest to the front of the car is the Auto Shutdown relay. The middle one is the A/C clutch cutout relay and the last one is the fan relay. Hope this helped.

I assume if you’re asking about an ASD relay then you have a vehicle that is not running?

Here’s a schematic. Figure 13.

Note the relay relies on a series of fuses, fusible links, and some computer controls to operate properly.

Look on the under side of the cover of the relay box. It will have the names and show the positions of the relays in the box. Several of the relays are the same type. They can be switched. The horn relay can be switched with the AOD relay. What are the symptoms that you suspect the AOD relay of causing?