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Auto-RX engine cleaner

I was told by a coworker about this product. He suggested that I start using it in my 2006 Saturn Ion 3. Is this a gimmick or does it truly work?

If you keep up with oil changes you should NEVER need a product like this.

In some cases an additive may help (coin flip) if you have a specific problem but if your car does not have any glitches then save your money.

And if by chance you ever think you need an additive then try Sea Foam. It’s a great product and priced at about 1/3 of the Auto-RX.
You can even buy SF at Wal Mart of all places.

Just looked at their web site, and my BS meter is pegged: It says it “slowly dissolves contaminants from ring packs, cam lobes, and other high friction areas”. I’d be surprised if much ‘contaminants’ ever accumulate on ‘high friction areas’ such as cam lobes. When the lead in paragraph sounds bogus, I dismiss all that follows. Don’t use it.

“Dissolves contaminants from cam lobes”, huh? Wow. Time to dig out the chest waders as the thigh high ones won’t cut it.

Obviously the marketing pitch works since the OP’s friend swears by it and is making recommendations.

Here’s the $$ question - is the friend selling it?

Do You Know If They Make Auto-RX Headlight Cleaner ? The deer Don’t Stop Like They’re “Caught In The Headlights”, Anymore!

How about Auto-RX Engine Overhaul In A Can? Does it come in a spray?