Auto makers seem to already be desperately scrambling for the high tech market

I ran across this

and it portends recent history. The Times is behind the times again.

I dunno. Maybe written by some kid? Come August 1, I won’t be able to answer my flip phone in the car due to distracted driving laws, not to mention eating a hamburger but all the home office functions will be there to use? No wonder we need more restrictive laws all the time. They keep adding all the distractions calling it a revolution and then wonder why people can’t keep their minds on their driving. Touch the screen for the radio band you want, AM, FM, Sirius, phone, thumb drive, and about five others I never heard of before. Check to see what restaurants are ahead and their menu. Then use the app to pre-order. Sorry but no one will be using my car-I’m not into sharing cars. Get your own car and stay off my grass.

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Don’t forget the auto manufacturers are cutting corners on vehicles, plastic radiators? Seriously, it’s crazy just opening the hood gives me a migraine! !! Smh

Did you happen to notice the article is pain for by Accenture?

This is not an article, it is an advertisement masquerading as an article.


Plastic radiator tanks have been in use for 30 years. Very durable, very light, can mold the brackets right into them and they perform as well as brass.

I agree that it’s an infomercial. Well, maybe not quite, but close. Any time a company is interviewed about their products or business strategy, it comes out like this. If Toyota is interviewed about its products, the article would tell us all the best things about Toyotas. Some folks might not consider that an advertisement, but it’s close, unless outsiders are interviewed as well.

I want a smart lawn spreader that will get the weed killer on the lawn and not in the gardens. I also want it to do this very early in the morning while the lawn is still wet. When will that be available? Probably never, because I don’t want to spend $1000 for a motorized spreader with sophisticated sensors. For that price, I could hire someone to do it for me. Nah, I’m too cheap. It’s a good thing I did the job this morning before the wind speed got too high, but not before ebelskivers.

The need for AUTONOMY amazed me @bing. Maybe the author sees that the public demands that their existentialist spirits are freed from all the day to day problems. I can’t wait to see the coming Citroen Camus.

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Heh heh. Yeah I’m back to hiring it out. I had one outfit but the dopes fertilized right in the middle of a July drought and burned my front yard up. I ended up re-sodding the whole thing and fired them. They still are calling trying to get me back so when they ask what they can do I just say you can pay me the $600 I spent on sod, and they go away again. The last couple of years though I’ve got a better outfit and it’s kinda nice not having to worry about it. May is too dang busy anyway. It’s snowing again now anyway so it’ll be a late Spring start.

Aaah yes! The Citroen Camus. It doesn’t run well, it’s already rusty, the seat is uncomfortable, my wife left me, my pension fund went broke, the cheese in the refrigerator is moldy … but I don’t care.