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Allthe new visual distractions on the center of the dash

cellphones distraction humbug, what about all the new features that need a rocket science degree to operate let alone the amount of time that they take your eyes off the road to operate them. [even the sound systems

Um. Yes?

I see the displays that detail how efficient your car is operating or if it is on the battery or on the gas engine as having a high distraction level potential.

I agree. I’ve long complained that even the most basic controls, such as the ductwork blend door controls, the fan control, and the radio controls, now require me to take my eyes off the road and look at some LCD readout while I scan through the options on a sequential pushbutton. And my car is not a fancy car.

In the controls on all my cars of years ago I could sdjust all the heater controls, the radio, and pretty much whatever else I wanted just by feel…even with gloves on. I consider that a safety feature.

Buy a less fancy car until you get that rocket science degree.
The Nissan Altima comes with rotary knobs for the heating and radio, unless you buy the tech package with the nav system.


Then they forget to include a code reading function. It would be a $30 option. The ipod jack on the outside of the car will probably come first. As long as it isn’t auto related it will be included.

On the other hand; we don’t have to troubleshoot the optional code reader.

I really don’t need the non-working compass and thermometer. Take away the mirror that falls off in the car wash and has to be pushed back on. Don’t get us started on 20" wheels with half inch tires.

We had plenty of mirror complaints when I was with GM in the late 90’s. One day just to pass the time before the pizza got here I mentioned to the factory rep that I always gave everyone one free mirror replacement (under warranty) no questions asked. He kind of stared at me then just walked away without saying a word. Now that I think of it, not the person the open up to about this stuff.

People would complain about vibration and the quality of the image in the mirror, I wanted those “top box” scores (that people give you when they get the survey about the warranty work they had done) so I did what I knew would make them happy.

Manufacturers put those things there even when they know that the driver won’t look up at them. There is no keyboard there.

I rode in one of those recently. The “efficiency display”, it was a Prius, was interesting for me as a passenger, and the driver pretty much ignored it - until …
… he wanted to turn down the heat. First he had to touch the screen, then find out what part of the display would control the amount and direction of the hot air, and if he wasn’t quick enough, it would go back to the efficiency display and he would have to start all over again. It made me a very nervous passenger.

How about all those wiggly Hula girls that stand on your dash just trying to get you to crash your car, that is what I want to know about.

Is it really that difficult to ignore all the insignificant features and just pay attention to your driving? If it is, you have a big problem and shouldn’t be driving a car … any car … anywhere.

Dashboards should be programs on iphones and ipads. You could plug it into the space in front of the steering wheel. You could have the option of shutting everything off except the speedometer and idiot lights.

Let’s do something great with the new millennium while there are still 989 years left in it.

Why can’t cars be OUR devices instead of THEIRS.

This seems to be more of a rat snake problem than a wiper problem…

"In the controls on all my cars of years ago I could sdjust all the heater controls, the radio, and pretty much whatever else I wanted just by feel…even with gloves on. I consider that a safety feature. "

My heating controls don’t have a display, but it’s far more difficult to operate without looking at it then any other vehicle I ever owned. And there’s no reason it has to be so complicated. I believe in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy.

MikeinNH you said it! Just think what it will be like if they start putting in a real heads up display on the windshield.

They did. The 240sx had one way back in the 90’s.

didn’t Caddy have a little HUD with night vision on the windshield?

Yup. I didn’t include it because, while I’ve never played with it, theoretically it would enhance safety by showing you things your headlights don’t illuminate.

Of course, a regular HUD would enhance safety too, in theory, because it projects important readouts in front of you so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to look at the gauges.