Auto Interior Fabric Protection?

I just purchased a new car and did not pay extra for interior fabric protection but wondering if there is a product I could do myself. I will be using my car for adventures, to take clients to and from appointments, and have a small dog. Someone recommended Scotchgard Auto Fabric protector- but that needs to be reapplied every 3 months. Suggestions?

I’d go with the Scotchguard, any treatment will need to be reapplied periodically, if they tell you differently, they’re wrong.

Yup, Scotchguard. It’s the “standard” for fabric protection.

I buy the cheap seat covers from Walmart every few years since they don’t seem to survive laundering.

That’s a good solution, actually.

What I have done before is get a couple of the plastic disposable seat covers from my mechanic and keep them in the trunk. Then when I go on “adventures” (or just changing my oil) I have something to throw over the seat. You can use them several times until they get holes.

Thank you, everyone. I will try the scotchguard and have something around for the adventures (such as my husband’s warrior dashes/mud runs.)

I bought a full set of leatherette/vinyl seat covers from an auto store for about $100 and they protect my cloth seats from dog hair really well. My car’s about 10 years old and I had fur getting woven into the cloth seat fibers that was practically impossible to remove. The vinyl covers fit pretty well, were easy to install (and to remove if I decide to eliminate or chang them), are very easy to clean. They are very hot in the summer though.

I agree with everyone’s statements. I would add that the application of any protection is as important as the product be it seat covers or Scotchguard. Generally, if you are doing it to your own car, the is greater potential for a better job being done. It’s not rocket science and you have the long term financial investment at stake, not the dealer. Pets, kids and lack of routine cleaning are the biggest factors in the need for additional seat cover protection.