Scotchguard / vehicle protection package for new car?

What is the advisability of buying the scotchguard fabric protection and/or carpet protection and/or paint protection of a vehicle protection package on my new Subaru Outback?

$50 of protection for what, $500? What a deal!

Avoid all of these packs. Anything they try to sell you at closing will be grossly overpriced.

Thanks - pretty much what I figured!

Not a bad idea, but don’t have the dealer do it, stop by the auto parts store or you local general store and buy the same produce for pocket change and do it your self.

The only thing these add-ons are good for preventing is deposits in your bank account. You can buy a can of Scotch Gard and car wax at the local discount store and save yourself a small fortune.

Take the money you’d spend on those packages and buy a few front to back detailings from your local auto detailer, or even your dealership, if they do that there.