DIY fabric protection - which?


Since I learned here NOT to have the dealer add fabric protection to our new Highlander, I’ve been looking at products available to owners:


Shining Monkey


There may be other brands, but is there any difference in them. Anyone have a preference?


The fabric in your new Toyota was designed to withstand anything that you, your kids, or your pets can throw at it. If you really feel the fabric needs extra “protection” pick one of the products you listed and spray it on.

I have never used fabric protection of any kind on any of my cars in more than 35 years of driving. If you spill something on the seats, you can use upholstery cleaner to clean it. Simple.


I tend to agree with McP that additional fabric protection is unnecessary. But if it makes you feel better, use any one of the mentioned products. Expect similar results.


So if you spill something like a soft drink on it, does the liquid bead up? I would have thought it would just soak in.