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Auto blink (according to the manual) or comfort turn signal


This turn feature has stopped working or was un-programmed in my A3 after a mechanic was trying to reset another light function. Does anyone know how I can restore it?

What does this mechanic have to say about it?

This should be in your menu settings and also explained in the manual. Might ask the mechanic and you should post what light function he was trying to reset.

I have never heard the term ’ Comfort turn signal ’ me go to Google now.

Ok , now I know. I call this function one touch lane change signal . Mine can be programed for different number of flashes in the menu.

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Thank you. He was initially resetting the turn signal light out indicator. After changing the bulbs he reset the light but he also reset the auto blink. Auto blink is how its listed in the manual however there are no instructions on the steps to restore it.

Have you looked in the dash menu , that is where the settings should be.

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