Audi TT Clutch Issues


My boyfriend bought a 2000 Audi TT from a dealership about a months ago. The owner of the dealership told us that a brand new clutch was installed. Well when he got it 4 hours and about 80 miles later the “new” clutch was TORN TO SHREDS. My boyfriend learned how to drive on a manual so we were both extremely baffled when it broke because he couldn’t possibly be the cause. We called the dealer and he told us ( after some excessively rude and unneeded comments) that he would pay for half the repair. We took the TT to an Audi dealership and payed 2200 for a new clutch kit… And do you know what happened? 2 hours after driving it off the lot, two hours after paying them 2200 bucks to do the job right, the clutch “wore” itself COMPLETELY down again and fried the new flywheel they installed. I called to ask about the warrantee and the man was VERY rude saying " Maam like I told your boyfriend it didn’t break the clutch wore down from Misuse" " in my 10 years of working on Audi’s I find that these things happen, the clutches BREAK like this all the time and warrantees don’t cover misuse"… and right after he said that it wasn’t broken!!! I am a witness that My boyfriend stalled the car twice, both times on an obscenely steep hill but that couldn’t possibly have caused a clutch to tear its self to an unusable state. It is not his fault, but Audi is saying it is and they won’t fix it under warrantee because the parts “wore down” in 2 hours instead of “breaking”. What do I do now?! Please help me!! What would you do?


If you’re burning up clutches at that rate, I would ask that they check the clutch hydraulic system. Especially the clutch master cylinder. If this isn’t operating correctly the clutch will have very short life span.


see thats what my daddy said but the Audi Mechanic said that there was no other problems like that. I will ask the supervisor though. thank you for the swift response