Audi a4 1,8T clutch burnt

I purchased a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T manual with 53K on the clock from a local dealer. After 30 miles or so the clutch burned out. I got the car towed and it was confirmed by the dealer that the pressure plate had cracked in two, rivets blown. They stated that it could only have been my driving that did this. I know it was not that so I am looking for any other possible scenarios to explain how this could have happened.

Perhaps it was the original owner’s driving style. 53K is enough to cause a lot of latent damage. My guess is that he/she was revving the motor and popping the clutch. Drag racing, as it were, with no proper training.

Since it only had 30 miles since your purchase, you may want to check for any consumer protection state laws that may apply, but short of that I think you’re stuck. Since you bought it used it would be virtually impossible to prove that it was a manufacturing defect.