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Audi Q7 glovebox stuck

My Q7 has an electric locking glovebox and when you push the electric lock button you can hear the sound of it unlocking but the door does not pop open. My son put a new NFL Xbox game inside and shut the glovebox and it will not re-open. He is not going to leave me alone until that game is out of there.

Try pushing in on the glovebox (as if you are closing it) while pressing the button, then see if it will release and open.

Can you deal with not having a glove box? Probably cheaper to buy another game than damage the glove box to get it out.

If a customer gave me the go ahead to get it open “at all costs” I would try working with the hindge area (maybe it will unscrew) before I resorted to drilling out the lock mechanism (next choice,sounds kinda brutal,locked my keys in my Snap-On box once,had to drill the lock,very soft material)