Audi fuse pulled now car won't start


(Audi a3 2007 1.6fsi) I pulled out and in fuse f15 in the hood (glow time control device, lambda probes) and now the car does not start. The starter motor rotates but does not start. It can start for 1 second after a while then dies.

and the fuse has not blown

What led you to touch that fuse?


I’d put in a new fuse, just to be sure.

Is this a diesel engine? If so it won’t cold-start reliably without the glow plug circuit working. Doubt the cranks ok but won’t start is related to the lambda circuit. But that not working will turn on the CEL light once the car gets running.

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Its a petrol engine thanks

Your petrol engine has a Glow Plug Control Device?


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That circuit is for the glow plugs in diesel cars, and the oxygen sensor heaters in gasoline cars.


you may have a bad relay. check the Glow plug control relay

I have to say it is pretty confusing of Audi to name an electrical circuit “glow plug” when its a gasoline engine, & there’s no glow plugs … lol … as far as OP’s problem, cranks but won’t start is usually either a fuel problem or a spark problem. First step, ask your shop to check for a healthy, robust spark at the spark plugs during cranking. If spark is ok, the next suspect is a fuel pump problem of some sort. Unlikely a malfunctioning O2 sensor would prevent starting. The output of those aren’t used by the computer until they reach the proper temperature, which usually take a minute or two at least.

BTW OP, you haven’t yet addressed the question above: Why did you remove the fuse in the first place?

Is the check engine light on now? If so, what are the diagnostic codes?

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