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2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

I was checking fuses for the AC passenger controls (they were stuck on heat) and afterward the car would not start. Also discovered that glove box would no longer open. Any ideas for what could possibly be wrong?

You must have pulled the wrong fuse(s) or the one you pulled also controls those other items.

Need more info.

What does/doesn’t happen when you try to start the engine?

I’m not certain if the a/c controls are vacuum or electric.

When I pulled the fuses they looked good so I put them back in the same slot. I pulled one ignition fuse to get to AC fuse, AC was good…I have no meter to check ignition fuse, but I put them both back in the same place. When I turn ignition…nothing happens…lights come on and control panel lights up…the fuse clicks when ignition is turned.

Possibility that this is a security system problem…can anyone tell me how to bypass this.

Maybe disconnecting the batt and then reconnecting may reset the vehicle. These are great cars but can be touchy. I have 2 and love 'em both.