Audi A4 transmission problem?



I was driving on the highway with cruise control on and I went step on the gas to accelerate slightly to get someone off my tail. The tachometer revved up to the red zone and I could not accelerate. The Drive, Nuetral, etc lights on my dash started blinking. I was able to pull off and my car remained on (I could turn it off and restart it no problem), but the lights continued to blink and I could not go forward or reverse. I have 60k on it and a couple people mentioned it might be the transmission. That is so expensive! I have never known anyone who had to get a new transmission, even with 100k on it. I am awaiting the mechanic’s call, but just wanted to ask if anyone’s had this problem. Thanks!


Did you check the transmission fluid level?


First I would check the transmission fluid to assure it is full and that it does not smell burned.

Next I would check the warranty. If it is under factory warranty, then let the dealer worry about what it is.


thanks for your replies! I am not too car savvy. Unfortunately, my warranty expired at 50k.


are you SURE you only have 50k on engine and drivetrain??? check that one FIRST


i mean warranty on engine and drivetrain