Audi A4 2011 Transmission Whine?

My car has 40,000 miles on it and the warranty ends in the near future. I noticed this winter on some occasions a type of whine (not too loud, but noticeable) from the front of the car. The noise and tone seemed to be proportional to the engine revs. I think I recall the noise stopped when I put the car in neutral while it was still moving. I don’t notice it now. I would like to avoid any out-of-warranty fixes if possible. Any thoughts as to the cause?

Change the transmission fluid and see if that quiets the car.

…and make sure that the fluid that is used is the correct specification for that model.
I suggest that you have this service done at an independent transmission shop.

DO NOT go to any chain-run shops unless you want even more problems with that transmission.

Excellent point, @VDCdriver‌. The correct type of transmission fluid should be in your owners manual.

Manual? CVT? 8-speed auto?

Ask around. Some inde shops provide a pre-warranty-expiration service. They test the various stuff that might be expensive to fix after the warranty expires, to see if it is still working correctly. If something isn’t up to spec, you can get it fixed now, while still under warranty.

Thanks to you all. It is an 8-speed auto. The thing is, there are no noises at this point in time. Not sure if it had something to do with the cold weather or not. Can any of you tell me if a “transmission whine” of sorts is something to be concerned about? I will have to see if there are any indie shops in the MA area that may provide a pre-warranty expiration service for me - sounds like a great idea (I live in Boston if anyone knows of a place). Thanks again.

" I think I recall the noise stopped when I put the car in neutral while it was still moving."

If true, this does point to the tranny, specifically the fluid pump. I’d delve deep into Audi and ZF blogs for clues. No “whine” is ever good; the question is, is it really bad. The fact that it’s gone now is good I guess. I assume this is a “sealed for life” transmission with first fluid change at 80K miles or so for “extreme service.” If you plan on keeping this car to 100K+ miles, I go along with a fluid change now with Audi factory fluid. ZF’s 8 (and now 9) speed units are fairly new and untested. (Audi had a class action suit over the last generation CVT reliability.)

Take it to the dealer and complain of it at next service check(hopefully before power train warranty up). They will document it at least and if something happens post warranty they typically cover it.

Thanks again for the responses. I read up about fluid pump problems, and indeed this sounds like it could be it. Another great idea to document it with the dealer - I will do this. I really appreciate all the insight. I am having no problems at the moment, so will just watch and wait for a bit.