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Recently at a dealership I was told that my automatic transmission fluid smelled slightly burned. I did not change the fluid at that time

The auto is a 2001 Acura TL-type S with 46,000 miles (one owner). These autos had transmission problems and warranties were extended (but I am past the time period).

Within the last few weeks I have noticed slight stuttering (but not all the time) when accelerating slowly through the 20-25mph range. It seems to occur when going into the 4th gear. It is difficult to detect anything happening, however, when going through this range more rapidly.

Is it a transmission problem? And if so,

1. how big a problem is it,


2. would new transmission fluid help, and further would flushing prior to new transmission be more correct.

New transmission fluid certainly won’t hurt. Some methods of flushing can do as much harm as good. I’d drop the trans pan, get as much of the trans fluid out as they can, replace the filter and refill with the proper fluid. Proper fluid is important so a non chain transmission shop, a known quality mechanic, or the dealer are your best bets to get the job done properly.

Quickie places refill with one of a couple of generic fluids and that can cause you grief and money. Accura’s, even old ones, are more high end cars and can be very sensitive to the fluids in them. Since your car has known issues with the trans I’d lean to an Accura dealer for this unless their price is just too outrageous.