Audi 2002 TT Roadster Quattro - Repair or Sell?

Two Questions:

1) What is the average life expectancy of a well-kept 2002 TT Quattro Roadster, esp the engine life?

2) Should I fix or sell mine? Here’s the deal:

My 106,000mi 2002 TT Quattro Roadster’s transmission just died.

My mechanic suggesting replacing the transmission with a new ($3500+ tax and labor) or a used ($1900+tax and labor for a 60K-70K rebuilt). He’s recommending also replacing the clutch kit and flywheel ($1000+tax and labor). As well, the 105,000mi service ($225) and the timing belt replacement ($1100) are due.

All in, we’re talking $7250-7500.

I just made the final payment (irony!!) and was planning on keeping this for another 50-100Kmi, and drive 20K a year.

Is it worth fixing, or should I trade in and get something new?


It’s your call; Audis at that mileage start needing more frequent repair work. I’m somewhat baffled why the transmission failed at such a low mileage.

With the miles you drive per year, you should budget about $4000 per year from now on for maintenance and repairs. This will provide you with a little acount to pay for the next major item that needs fixing. Not doing so will continue to give you nasty surprises.

German cars normally last a long time if you just keep replacing items, but that gets progressively more expensive.

Thanks for the feedback, you make some good points.

If I do replace it, would you recommend a new, or ok to go with a used transmission?

If the rebuilt is from a reputable source, and carries a warranty, and you can completely trust your mechanic, I see no reason not to go rebuilt. If you are unsure, go new.

As others will point out, do not go a a transmission chain shop such as AAMCO. Their rebuilts are of “uncertain” quality.

Also, this is the time to perform all the required maintenance (see owner’s manual); German cars do not respond well to neglected or deferred maintenance.

My mechanics are reputable Audi/VW specialists in San Francisco, and said both new and used come with same 12 mo/12k mi warranty. I’ll ask them where they get their rebuilts and if they really trust them…

Thanks again for the good advice. Much appreciated.

It looks like you are dealing with the right kind of shop; I would go rebuilt if they stand behind their work.

Good luck!

I have an automatic 03 TT w 63k that’s jerking between 1st and 2nd gears after about 15 min of driving. Dealer is suggesting transmission replacement. I’m baffled. Any updates re your car?