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TT analysis


I have an Audi TT 2001 Quatro. The warranty just ran out. I have 60000 miles on it. I’m starting to have to pay for expensive repairs.

Should I upgrade to a 2008 TT that’s certified for 100,000 miles and 5 years on the warranty(cost about $30,000) or get an upgrade warranty for about $3800 for 3 years? In the long run what’s best…I really love the TT design and drive. But, in 3 years I’ll have to get another car right?



Buy a car you can afford to own and maintain…These things are money pits…What’s more important? “looking good” or cost per mile to operate?

Do Audis come with 9 year warranties? If that’s true I might consider buying one.

“Expensive repairs” at only 60K miles? If that’s the case, maybe I won’t buy one.

What are the “expensive repairs” you’re starting to have to pay for?

I can’t advise on whether or not you should trade for a newer model, but I would not pay $3,800 for a 3-year warranty on this or any other car.

There is no way I’d pay $30,000 for any vehicle for which I felt I might need a $3800 additional warranty. Frankly, I’d never buy a vehicle at any price for which I feared I might need an additional warranty. Or buy another of a vehicle that I was currently facing expensive repairs after only 60,000 miles.

But that’s me. If you truely love the TT that much, perhaps you should do the repairs and keep it. Even $6000 worth of repairs is a whole lot cheaper tham a $30,000 replacement…unless, of course, you get one heck of a good trade in value.

Like that guy that runs that Vegas pawn shop, everything is always for sale. Let it be known your car IS for sale and wait for a buyer that offers what you want. Preferably a sale before anything is keeping someone from test driving the car ,hard, like it’s is designed for.

I don’t suggest you drive around with “4Sale” in shoe polish on the window. Advertise in the correct place, if you take your time you can evaluate what kind of offers come in (this method will not work if only one offer comes, what then?)

There were occasional problems with the engine on TTs before 2006. Since then they have not had problems. Average repair costs will be about the same as a Z4 or SLK280. A Corvette will be about 3 grand more but will be about half as expensive to repair. They also get surprisingly good gas mileage. A 350Z will have repair costs about one quarter of the European sports cars and should be less expensive to buy than the TT. Drive a base Corvette and 350Z and see if you like them.