Attachment Issue


The car has attached itself to the ignition key and won’t let go! There is a button on the steering column to release the key that apparently isn’t working right. It is the original key that is stuck. I’m wondering if there is a do it yourself fix or, if not, what kind of shop to go to to get it fixed at a fair price?

Automotive locksmith. Many are mobile…

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

If it is an auto transmission, make sure you have turned the wheel enough to take the pressure off the key.

Thank you for the input and yes, it is an auto trans and we’ve done quite a bit of fiddling around with the steering wheel. It’s actually my moms car but I’ve used it occasionally over the years. I recall that the release button used to have a distinct feel, like it was really releasing the key, and now it just feels like a dummy button. Also, she says that yesterday the car suddenly ran very crappy. It lacked power and would stall at lights. I don’t think this should be related to the key being stuck but I am open to input.