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2010 Pontiac Vibe - Front License Plate?

I recently bought a 2010 Pontiac Vibe in a state that doesn’t require front license plates. I just moved to a state which requires front license plates. I can’t figure out how to put a license plate on the Vibe… The front bumper is just smooth plastic, no holes, etc. I called the Pontiac dealer out here and they are going to charge me $100 for a license plate holder (which I’ll have to install myself). Please help me save $100… how do I get this front license plate onto my car? Anyone solve this problem already? Thanks in advance for your wise thoughts.

Well, there is always baling wire. I have had dealers drill holes in the plastic front bumper to secure their advertising plate. They then use screws to hold this plate. You could do that. Perhaps Autozone may have some license plate mounting kit for less than $100.

You might call the Toyota dealer and see how much the bracket is for the Matrix, the Vibe’s twin.

When a Vibe is ordered from the factory, adding a front license plate bracket costs the grand sum of $15. If the dealership wants to charge you $100 for the same part, that seems really excessive, or at least it seems excessive to me.

I suggest that you troll around the 'net (Google is your friend!!) to find a dealership or other supplier selling the genuine GM Vibe front license plate bracket, and more than likely you will be able to locate it far cheaper than $100. Most factory accessories even come with installation instructions, which in this case will involve drilling into the front bumper. The genune GM Vibe bracket will likely have a template to show exactly where to drill the holes.

Yeah, I’d shop around, hit the auto-parts stores.

Triedag’s advice re: bailing wire is probably what I’d do for my 11 y.o. Ford, but with a '10, you’d probably want a slightly less “Red Greenish” answer.

You may not even need a bracket. My last two Toyota products, a 2005 Corolla and a 2005 Scion tC, both had tiny dimples in the front bumper facade where sheetmetal or self-tapping screws could be screwed in to hold license plates.

I’ll bet my morning muffins yours does too.

Call Your SalesPerson Where You Bought The Car And Tell Him/Her That You’d Like To Attach A Front Plate And Didn’t Get A Bracket.

Most cars that need a “bracket” in order to install a front plate, come with one from the factory, although it is not installed. Your salesperson should be able to walk back to the “new car prep” area and get one and send it to you.

Come to think of it, have you looked in storage and spare tire areas to see if one is stowed in there? They are usually black plastic. When I got a new van the bracket was in a storage compartment.

I’d like to get The Same Mountain Bike’s morning muffins, but he may be correct about the bracket and your salesperson can let you know.


Not my Toyota products. You can put a brack if you’d like, but there’s a backing area behind the bumper skin that enables the secure mounting of a plate without one.

figure out where the holes should be and either drill two holes or use self tapping license plate bolts…that’s how my plates are attached to my toyota.

Legally you can put the plate anywhere you want. ( My Cordoba had it mounted on the driver’s corner of the front bumber, not in the center. ) And technically you can put it anywhere you want.
drill a couple holes.
nuts & bolts.
there ya go.

True. But by using the designed in mounting spots the OP will be sure there’s something behind the skin to hold the screws.

The Vibe and Matrix have different front bumper covers therefore the contours will be the same. The brackets cannot be interchanged.

HOLY COW!!! I just went to and looked the part up. It has 09 but not 10 and the front plate bracket was $79.00. With dealer labor the price might accurate but still way to much.

I would cruise the net some more and try to get one that way if I were you.

Check to see if its legal to have the plate in the front windshield sitting on your dash, tacky but save you some money and drill holes. Last I knew though not many states allowed for this but might be worth looking into.

Maybe you can find one at a junk yard. The 2009 Vibe is identical, and maybe the front bumper design hasn’t change that much from previous years.

Wait A Second! Does This Mean I Get TSM’s Morning Muffins?

We don’t know if the bumpper has dimples. The OP seems determined to use a braket.

But I’ll buy you some morning muffins anyway. You’re always helping people, and that’s what really matters. Where should I send them?

I think its not a bracket, but the molded plastic backing piece. I like to save money as much as anyone, and it is probably only worth $15, but its a new car and do you really want to mess around with an after-market bracket? I think I’d just bite the bullet and get the correct holder. You can check a junk yard, or there are quite a few GM dealers selling parts at discount that you may be able to get one at a better price. Otherwise any place like NAPA, O’Reilly, etc. will have after-market brackets for about $10.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your excellent suggestions. the same mountainbike was right - I just needed to get self-tapping screws at Ace (they were called “auto screws”) and then screwed them into the “dimples” on the front of the car. Total cost: $1.57!

Darn! There Go The Muffins! Enjoy Them TSM!