At at oil temp



I have a 97 subaru outback and have recently had some wheel binding. The AT at oil temp light is blinking one long time and seven short any suggestions


Sure. Have the codes read. The transmission is trying to tell you there is a problem the controller has recognized, but only a scan tool can tell you what the problem is.


While I no longer own my '97 Outback, I did check the Owner’s Manual for my '02 Outback, and it says that when the AT Temp warning light is flashing, it indicates a problem with the “controller” for the transmission.

Translation: There is an electronic fault in the control module for the transmission. And, if you don’t have this rectified soon, it will result in mechanical problems with the transmission. And, just in case you were not aware of it, when you get to that stage, it usually means BIG bucks for repair.

I’m curious about what the Owner’s Manual for your '97 model says about this situation. (You DID read the section of the manual regarding the AT Temp warning light, didn’t you?) Please post back with the wording in your manual, so that we can see if it is different from the wording in the '02 manual.