What part is this? 2001 subaru outback

Hi Winnie:
It’s a throttle position sensor.


It is a rotary throttle position sensor.

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When i changed it, the AT oil temp started flashing.

Why did you change it if you didn’t know what it was?

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I didn’t personally, but the guy who did knew what it was. Is it normal for the AT oil temp to flash like that afterwards?

No, it is not normal for the AT oil temp to flash after replacement. Take it back immediately. You should not drive it if jit is flashing. Have it towed. Likely it is an additional problem not related to that sensor.

It is normal to experience a malfunction if the TPS is adjusted incorrectly. The transmission control module relies on the TPS input for proper shifting.

Any vids or instruction on how to install properly because this dude sucks

It was a mistake letting him do it in the first place. Im not taking it back there. I’m pretty sure he didnt put it on right.

I’ve adjusted that part on my Corolla, sort of a fiddly, awkward job, but diy’er possible. Can’t speak to how complicated it is on a 2001 Outback.

Does your Outback use the 2.5L or 3.6L engine?

I wouldn’t expect a mis-adjusted TPS to cause the transmission fluid to overheat, but it is an important input to the transmission, so I suppose anything is possible.

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It’s 3.6. I have it doing better than he did so far. It is still flashing that though and stalling out. Trans fluid is good oil level and color is good. Everything was decent before this dude took it off cleaned it and put it back on. I had the check engine lighr on before this for p0113 code. Idk why this is screwing up but now he’s caused a whole other problem.

Did you have another thread here recently about an intake air temp sensor electrical problem? Has that been resolved now?

Adjusting the TPS on my Corolla involves verifying the correct switches are closed and open at idle, part throttle, and wide open throttle. In your case I’m having no luck finding any info how to adjust the TPS. Perhaps on your car the TPS isn’t a serviceable part. . To service maybe the only method is to replace the entire throttle body ass’y. Maybe someone here w/Subaru experience will chime in.

Be very cautious about driving vehicle until A/T overheating warning problem is resolved.

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The 3.6 liter engine was introduced in 2008.

How did the TPS make its way to the front seat?

The flashing A/T light doesn’t necessarily indicate the transmission is overheating, it is also a malfunction indicator light.

My mistake. I’m presuming OP’s vehicle has the 3.0 6 cylinder engine. Still not seeing any TPS adjustment procedure though. Appears there may be a a TPS related service bulletin for that engine, Google may find it, or asking at dealership.

The TPS for the 3.0 liter engine is not adjustable, the TPS in the op’s picture is for the 4 cylinder engine.

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I took it from him because he honestly started acting funny and i wanted pics of it because i like to know what things are. I got my car running myself. The rpm was too high, i got it back down to normal. Still having the At Oil temp light though.

So update i took it off myself after his bs ‘fix’. I got the rpm down to what it needed to be. When he did it it was full throttle without even touching the gas pedal. Now it is good, but that light is still on. It wasnt on before he did that. I’m really frustrated. The picture i took was when he took it off. Dude started acting like he was on something so i just wanted to know in case i needed to fix it myself. Im glad i did.