2012 Infiniti G25 - melting dashboard

I have a INFINTI 2012 G25 with 37,582 miles. the car is well maintained, but the dashboard is melting it is very shiny and sticky. The shininess interferes with the your vison in the windshield when driving. This is not normal as I have had many cars and this has never happened. I don’t understand why this is happening and what can be done about this.


I’ve never had that problem, but if I did I’d lightly & briefly rub sandpaper (180 grit or so) on a small spot as a test to see if that improved the shininess problem.

Unfortunately, many makes/models of that era had dashes that melted or cracked prematurely. Infiniti did extend warranty coverage, I think for 8 years. If you are the original owner and have been getting it serviced at the dealer, I would ask them to try and get Infiniti to cover some/all of the repair. Otherwise, generally installing a dash overlay is the best option, however I only see them available on G37 models. These are hard covers, that look similar to the original. You might do a more comprehensive search to locate one or see if the G37 cover is close enough to still work.