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Ask Someone: 2016 Chevrolet Malibu - Recall?

in dash connection not working. Launched android auto tried my phone my daughters phone and my husbands with no success. is there a recall on this?

Go to Chevy’s website, go to the lookup recalls section, then enter your vin and it’ll tell you if there are any outstanding recalls on your vehicle

If you are having problems with Android Auto one suggestion would be to call your dealer and ask if they have a special person on hand that can help you with infotainment questions. After you check the recall list.

Recalls are usually safety related. An infocenter issue will likely not have a recall. What is the status of your warranty? This may still be covered depending on mileage and age. The dealer service dept may have a ‘goodwill’ campaign to help.

“Recalls” are usually for safety or emissions, but there’s another category called “customer interest” to address problems like this. If it’s a design or manufacturing error that is. A dealership would know one way or the other. If it is a common-enough problem to have a bulletin published, but considered just “one of those things”, that would be included w/the generic technical service bulletins for the vehicle.

This is a General Motors service bulletin with connection instructions for Android auto;

Oh, and 2 year old car with a 3 year warranty! Take it back to the dealer!