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Ask Someone: 2014 Honda CR-V - How was that engine?

hi honda crv 2.2 automatic engie perfomance

Try Google, should be able to find performance tests.

Here’s a 2014 review of the CR-V from our partner, BestRide. The reviewer noted in his “Dislikes” that there was no up-powered engine offered.

Reviewers say that some competitors offer stronger engines and are more fun to drive. However, test drivers say 2014 Honda CR-V’s secure handling, capable available all-wheel drive and adequate acceleration make it a smart choice for families.

Note the word “adequate”. I found one source stating 0-60 of 8.8 seconds,
to me that is slow.

I doubt if we will ever know what the person really wants to know . How fast the vehicle is - long term reliability - fuel usage . Does this person have one or is looking at purchasing a used one .

Definitely not muscle or racing car specs, but 8.8 seconds is pretty good performance for a 4 door family vehicle. Nothing shoddy about that spec at all. I found a spec for the engine too, 185 HP. Again, pretty good for a family vehicle.

I must be getting old. I remember when that was considered greased lightning.:grinning:


Oh, me too, In the 60s that would be quick. But not by today’s standards.
The OP specifically stated “performance”. Depending on where you live and driving conditionns this might be more than adequate.

For reliability, much better than average according to Consumer Reports survey data.